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El Jefe’s Taqueria is a fast-casual authentic Mexicano street food restaurant where all items are made to order with fresh ingredients, are all made in house and where extras do not cost extra. The quick serve restaurant is perfect for consumers who are on the move. The restaurants are strategically being placed near densely populated schools and universities, where quickness is necessary. While most of the business is based on fast Mexican street vendor service, the overall interior concept and aesthetic is inviting and comfortable, for those who have time to sit and enjoy.

Working with the interior design group, Studio Tyak, Upland Architects was commissioned the help bring the true Mexican Taqueria experience to the El Jefe’s Taqueria’s.

Upland Architects collaborates with the interior design and branding skills of Studio Tyak to develop a space layout that incorporates the clients needs and merges them with the existing history of building materials in each unique restaurant space. Upland works closely with El Jefe’s, kitchen equipment vendor, MEP/FP engineers, designer, and the Landlord throughout the project.  Determining what the existing infrastructure is and its remaining life expectancy, influences what can be reused and repurposed, ultimately impacting the overall design. Utilizing existing infrastructure and incorporating it into the finished space helps to enrich El Jefe’s deep Mexican roots.

Upland continuously coordinates with the contractor throughout the construction document and administration phases, to ensure the project is completed on time and on budget. Creating an open line of communication between all team members is imperative to meet El Jefe’s consolidated construction schedule, and it starts with Upland.

Upland Architects streamlines the process by:

  • Flagging any potential “big ticket” issues with existing conditions items early and determine a remedy.

  • Providing a full code analysis during preliminary design to minimize potential pricey code related afterthoughts.

  • Streamlining the permit process by filing for permit while the project is being priced simultaneously.

  • Maintaining open communication with all team members to ensure smooth project deliveries.

  • Generating quick responses to RFI’s and material submittals by the GC.

El Jefe’s branding elements have been carried through each unique restaurant space.  Upland and Studio Tyak have utilized existing infrastructure items and embraced their historic value. Instead of covering up the past, El Jefe’s restaurants showcase them and blend them with the overall design scheme. 
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