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As a pioneer in the nail salon industry Miniluxe has dedicated to providing a clean, beautiful and engaging environment for their loyal customer base.  Like their clients, Upland Architects is dedicated team member helping to develop over 20 locations nationwide, including their flagship location in Boston, MA


Upland Architects developed a kit of parts prototype that offered the speed and cost saving of prototyping, while keeping the clients boutique upscale look.  This approach allowed the client to look at a variety of commercial spaces and was successfully implemented in wide variety of challenging spaces.  The uniqueness of each location added to the boutique nature of the brand and provided unique environments that was emphasized by the variety of storefront designs.

Each salon consisted of 6 parts that could be organized in different ways, but had consistent elements such as millwork, size and materials throughout all location.  This allowed for maximum cost savings, speed to market and flexibility, but also gave a sense of brand and familiarity to a loyal customer base. The kit of parts included: concierge /welcome, manicure, pedicure, clean room, wax room and backstage / support area.


Upland was involved in all aspects of real estate development and was an extension of the Miniluxe real estate team.  Services included....

Preliminary site analysis (pre-lease signing):  Upland would be asked to grade potential lease spaces by identifying potential cost drivers prior to lease signing.  This included potential utility challenges, building maintenance issues, ADA barriers and potential code / permitting issues.  Upland would also review leases and help establish landlord and tenant work letters.

Layout & Design Development:  Using a kit of parts Upland would develop layout options based on local geographies, sight lines and band elements.  Developed exterior renderings for facade.

Construction Documents:  Developed architectural & engineering drawings for construction, landlord review and permitting within 4 weeks of being released.  Coordinated drawings with clients preferred vendors.

Permitting:  Prepared all documents and drawings required by local building and design review departments.  Worked with permit expediters in high profile areas when deemed necessary in the preliminary site analysis.

Construction Bidding / Administration:  Qualified preferred contractor’s bids and provided construction administration. 

Commissioning:  Insured that contractor closed out all permits including health inspection.

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