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7–Eleven, Inc. is the largest chain in the convenience-retailing industry. Based out of Irving, Texas, 7–Eleven operates, franchises and licenses over 11,000 stores in North America and over 71,000 in 17 countries. Popular for its brands such as Slurpee, and Big Gulp, 7–Eleven has expanded into offering sandwiches, pizza, beef tacos, chicken wings and salads. Through acquisitions, remodels and new ground up facilities 7-Eleven is constantly growing.


Upland Architects most recently has been commissioned by 7-Eleven to perform for permitting due diligence studies for their WIN Coffee roll out program in the VA, MD and DC areas which encompasses over 600 stores.


Upland Architects has also partnered with Royston, LLC a Georgia based millwork/ construction management company to provide an Architectural/Construction team approach to for 7-Eleven, Inc. for it various programs across the United States.

Typical scopes of work vary from complete interior remodels of existing and newly acquired locations, to new equipment roll-outs to support new product and/or service implementation within the stores. Upland is tasked with producing architectural drawings based upon a pre-determined design package created by Royston in concert with 7-Eleven. Upland creates a design template to expedite its drawing production by utilizing a scope of work and existing condition surveys delivered to us. Part of our responsibility  is to review all the proposed plans to identify any potential code compliance or design issues that need to be addressed. If any issues need to be resolved Upland will prepare schematic designs to present to the client for review and approval. Once a final design is approved, Upland will prepare construction documents needed to file and obtain permits with the local jurisdictions to do the proposed work. Upland then will secure the required permits to complete the work. In addition, Upland has been called upon to provide additional services including, but not limited to, structural surveys, HVAC surveys, plumbing camera scopes, asbestos testing, and engineered plans.

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